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All of our services are based on an hourly rate, and each area has a different amount associated with it based on our expertise in that area. We also charge a service/consultation fee in order to compensate the homework we do prior to meeting with you initially. This includes researching your competitors, sketching out layout ideas and preparing sample layouts after our initial consultation.

Computer ($65 /hour)

  • Training: We can start you off with your first experience using a computer and/or the internet all the way to helping you learn how to manage your own content on your own website.
  • Macintosh Consultation: from ipods to complete business solutions, Macintosh is the way to go. Trust that Charlie can set you up and keep you running.
  • Tech Support: Did you lose something on your PC? Need to configure your wireless router? Have no idea where all those cords are supposed to go? Or maybe you want to be proactive and set up an automated backing up device but have no idea where or how to make it work. Charlie to the rescue!