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Photo of Charlie

Charlie, the Developer, (and Computer Genius) enjoys all things Macintosh and he loves to advance along with the rapidly changing technology world. Charlie began working on computers and building webpages in high school. This work quenched his thirst so much so that he decided to become a Technology Education teacher. He started professionally developing websites while he was a full time teacher as the North View Junior High Webmaster and quickly was offered the position of Osseo Area Schools District Webmaster, during both positions he completely overhauled the websites look and propelled its functionality. When he took this current position at the University of Minnesota's Center for Transportation Studies, it was a small step into the business world but he was still able to keep one foot in the education world. GN Services allows Charlie to advance and innovate in the art of creating websites and enjoy. Charlie puts in the long hours developing the site, while Naida generates ideas and vision.

Photo of Naida

Naida, the Visionary (and Photographer), grew up in a small business in every aspect from running wires in crawl spaces to sending invoices, so she has this small business thing running in her blood. From this humble beginning, she became a Spanish teacher and achieved a masters degree in curriculum and instruction just prior to starting our family. GN Services provides the income for Naida to stay home with our two young children and enjoy her creative outlet in photography. She is the part of the team that generates ideas for you and follows up while Charlie puts in the long hours making it all happen.